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Listening for What’s Next

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As we live and give in God’s image, he often asks us to make uncertain pivots. For Ami Campbell and her family, one of those pivots led to Tanzania and becoming deeply involved with ministry there. She shared this story with Women Doing Well a few years ago and now returns to give us an update on the places, plans, and, yes, pivots God has been using to grow her faith.   What has your …

Screen Shot 2018 02 13 at 1.09.28 PM An Uncertain Pivot on My Generosity Journey

An Uncertain Pivot on My Generosity Journey

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“Do you love me?”  I heard God ask me that question one hour before the close of a Journey of Generosity  I attended recently. You might recognize it as the same question Jesus asked Peter three times at the end of the book of John.  Do you remember how Jesus responded each time Peter answered affirmatively?  Feed my lambs.  Tend …