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Are Women Prepared for the Financial Decisions They’ll Face?

When it comes to the topic of money, women aren’t just a factor, they’re a driving force. Women now own just over half of all personal wealth in the U.S., and researchers say that by 2030, that number will rise to more than two-thirds. As their roles grow and change, are women prepared for the financial decisions they’ll face? Women Doing Well co-founder Sharon Epps answered questions around that topic on a recent episode of MoneyWise Live. Give it a listen:

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Sharon Epps

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Sharon Epps

Sharon Epps is a strategic and discerning leader and is one of the founders of Women Doing Well. She has a background in corporate banking, as a stewardship pastor and as an executive with Crown Financial Ministries. As a speaker and consultant, Sharon’s passion is helping churches and individuals maximize stewardship and generosity through Generous Church and her firm, Kinetic Consultants. Sharon lives in Buford, Ga., with her husband and a revolving door of family and friends. Her purpose statement is “cultivating understanding.”

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