There has never been a time in recorded history when women have as much influence and affluence.

$10 Trillion Financial assets currently managed by women

$30 Trillion Financial assets that will be managed by women by 20301.

62% of women say societal causes have become more important than wealth accumulation in defining a legacy2.

Women change the world with their giving

Scripture records that women were among the first supporters of Jesus’ ministry. From Mary Magdalene, a first patron of the early church, to Lydia, an industrious entrepreneur who strategically funded early missions, women historically have been generous wealth creators and stewards. Year after year, research conducted for the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI) reveals that households headed by women, at all levels of income and wealth, are more likely to give.

Why Now

In 2012, our groundbreaking research of more than 7000 Christian women found only 6% of the women surveyed felt confident and equipped to handle what God had given to them. While it is well substantiated that women will inherit the vast majority of the largest generational wealth transfer, and that women outlive their spouses by five years, many people don’t realize that 95% of women will be, at some point in their life, the primary financial decision maker for their family. The opportunity to engage and impact women is real and may present one of the greatest opportunities ever for healing the world.

  • Women own 51.3% of all personal wealth in the United States [i]
  • Women control 48% of estates worth more than $5 million [ii]
  • 59% of college graduates are women [iii]
  • In 1997, only 5% of presidents and CEOs in family businesses were women; by 2007, this has risen to over 30% [iv]
  • 48% of millionaires are women [v]
  • The number of ultra wealthy women increased to nearly 39,000, equivalent to a record-high share of 14.6%.[vi]
  • 49% of firms are owned or co-owned by women, and they generate about $3.2 trillion in revenue and employ nearly 17 million people [vii]
  • 163 million women are starting or running new businesses around the world and an additional 111 million are running established businesses [viii]
  • In 1997, only 5% of presidents and CEOs in family businesses were women; currently, this has risen to over 24%, with over 30% having a woman as the next successor [ix]


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