Our Story


In 2010, four friends stepped away from their professional careers and into a quiet space where they began to ask God to know His heart for women. Recognizing the unprecedented growth in the influence and affluence of women, the women soon realized that no one had assessed the impact of Christian women’s giving and what women needed to live a life of purposeful generosity. They secured the partnership of Sagamore Institute and Baylor University to conduct the first and largest research survey of more than 7,300 women of faith.

The four women soon became twelve as a vision for creating a one-day experience to share the life changing message of joyful generosity came to light with a pilot event for women of influence and affluence in South Florida. Women Doing Well was created to ensure women could engage in the generosity conversation, exploring what it means to live and give well in a safe and neutral place just for women.

The response was tremendous. Before the team had completed the pilot experience, women from other cities wanted to host events. Since this remarkable start, WDW has served dozens of city leaders to help spread the message of generosity to women and create generous communities of women learning together. Women Doing Well has created additional experiences in response to women’s requests for more opportunities to learn about living a life of purpose. These responses include  WDW Retreats, Journey of Generosity retreats, and resources based upon the research which now provide new paths of growth.

In 2017, Women Doing Well became a division of Generous Giving. This partnership allows each organization to reach more women, men, their families and communities with the life-changing message of generosity. Because women are often the influencers of generosity in their families, Women Doing Well, together with Generous Giving, gives women a place to get ignited, connected and resourced for that purpose.

God has given women knowledge, influence and financial resources in unprecedented measure. Using these to His glory enables Women Doing Well to make an impact on the world around us to God’s glory. As women discover their purpose, ignite their passion and plan to live a generous life, the world will experience a fresh wave of healing in His name.

We pray to see thousands of women across the globe enter the joy and freedom of the generous life. Our story of generosity begins with God and with you. His generosity ignites our generosity and together we can ignite this world for God’s glory.

For more information about Women Doing Well that you can share, watch this video to learn more about The Women Doing Well Signature Event (formerly Inspiring Generous Joy).

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