What is the mission and vision of Women Doing Well?

Women Doing Well exists to activate women of influence to live lives shaped by God’s generosity. We see a world being transformed by the unleashing of God’s generosity through a movement of women in vibrant communities living out wholehearted, joyful generosity. In all of our environments we seek to live out our values.

  • Prayer — Dependent, Listening, Spirit-Led
  • Authenticity — Integrated integrity
  • Generosity — We give because God gave first
  • Collaboration — Innovation and excellence through working together
  • Community — Growth happens with others
Who is Women Doing Well designed for?

Women Doing Well encourages community among generous Christ followers and has tools for women of influence to explore wholehearted living and giving. Our experiences are purposefully designed for women of influence and capacity to have a safe place to talk about what it means to be entrusted with much and how to live lives of meaningful impact for God.  

What experiences does Women Doing Well offer?

Women Doing Well offers community and a pathway to ignite, grow and activate a life of living and giving, shaped by God’s generosity. We have small and large transformational experiences where women to discover their unique purpose, ignite their passion and initiate a plan for their giving.

Course information about The Doing Well Series:

Course I – IGNITE your JOURNEY

Discover purpose, explore passion and learn the power of a plan.

In this course you will discover:

  • God’s lavish generosity 
  • Your unique purpose
  • What passion is
  • The power of a plan
  • Community for the journey


Build confidence, deepen your spiritual identity and find courage to step into your unique generosity.

In this course you will discover:

  • What scripture says about money
  • Giving as a get-to, not a have-to
  • Your identity as a child of God
  • Your passion
  • Starting a plan


Experience integrated wellness for wholehearted generosity.

In this course you will discover: 

  • How to integrate and align your unique purpose, passion and plan for impact
  • Explore your emotions and beliefs around money 
  • Your unique giving values 
  • Tools for giving
  • How to share the generosity journey with family and friends
I’m a nonprofit leader. How can my organization partner with Women Doing Well?

Women Doing Well partners with purposed-aligned organizations who want to invest in their women donors’ growth by leveraging our content and experience. We do not allow solicitation at our events and we do not share our database with outside organizations. For more information contact Mary@WomenDoingWell.org 

How is Women Doing Well funded?

Women Doing Well is privately funded by foundations, strategic partnerships, and a patron community committed to protecting the neutrality of our environments. We never solicit for funding at our events, nor do we allow others to do so. Our desire is for participants to discover God’s invitation to wholehearted generosity without worrying that we’ll ask for a donation.

To learn more about our partnership opportunities, please click here.  To learn more about our patron community, please click here.

Is Women Doing Well a 501(c)(3)?


Giving Information

We are committed to a no-ask environment so we do not offer a way to give via our website. That said, we want to provide helpful information for those who do want to give in line with their purpose, passion and plan.  Interested in the logistics of giving to WDW? Read more here or download as a PDF.