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Women Doing Well helps women of influence and affluence find their purpose and passion and develop a plan for how to further their personal generosity journey. We are committed to your ongoing transformation that overflows into unprecedented experiences in freedom, purpose, joy and impact for Christ.

The Research

Six core qualities are developed and cultivated when a woman takes part in Women Doing Well events and experiences.


You understand the significance of a biblically-based foundation for money and giving


You know your purpose so that it directs how you spend your time and financial resources


You align your purpose and passion for giving and support it with a plan


You achieve a high level of confidence in your giving


You have access to relevant tools that fit your hand for the practices of generosity


You share your joy of generosity with your friends, family and community

51% of all personal wealth in the U.S. is owned by women


Our Purpose

Women Doing Well exists to inspire women to discover their purpose, ignite their passion and develop a plan for living and giving in God’s image.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
– Frederick Buechner


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Be a Part of God’s Story, Write New Chapters

Women Doing Well

“For God so loved… He gave…” God wrote the first page in the story of limitless generosity when He gave His Son. The next page begins with you, as His generosity ignites your selflessness–and ours.


The Women Doing Well Team

God is inspiring women in exciting new ways. As He calls, women respond and the community continues to grow.

Also with our staff, Women Doing Well is also made up of amazing women across the United States who participate as part-time or full-time volunteers.

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