A New Year's Resolution that Works: <br>Let's Get Practical

A New Year’s Resolution that Works:
Let’s Get Practical

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Aren’t we all filled with hope as the pages of our calendars open to a fresh new year? While it’s tempting to set New Year’s resolutions as a speedy grab at a dream, resolutions lack the critical element to convert that dream into reality.

It’s time to get intentional
To experience true transformation as you pursue living the life you were meant to live, three things need to happen:

1. Take time to reflect. Many of us spend more time planning our vacations than we do planning our lives!  It takes intentional reflective time to see how God is moving in your life. As the saying goes, while life must be lived forwards, it’s only understood looking backwards. Discover the steps in our free tool below.

2. Dream. Connecting your dreams with your past is an extremely powerful way to sustain the small steps forward to reach your dream. Many times, our dreams for the future are fueled by a vision that resolves the pain of our past.

3. Plan. Reducing a big idea down to small steps makes daily movement towards a dream possible. While almost everyone has great ideas, only those who take action steps will experience results.

It’s time to get practical
So, instead of setting another unfulfilled resolution this year, resolve to take a Life Planning Retreat instead. Give yourself a weekend to reflect, dream, and plan to live the life you were meant to live.

Our free tool, the Annual Planning Retreat Guide, gives you all you need to get practical, get planned, and begin to see real results.

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Pam Pugh

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