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9 Questions To Help You Start a Giving Plan

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In Tuesday’s post, we explored how to set priorities and stick to them. One of my priorities for this year is achieving my giving goals. To do that, I’ve created a Giving Plan. You can get started on your own plan by answering the questions below.

You’ll need prayer to guide you and commitment to keep you going. But with your answers in hand, you’ll be well on your way to the next step in your giving journey.

1. How much do I have currently that I may give? How much am I likely to receive in the future?

2. How much do I need presently and in the future?

3. (No. 1) minus (No. 2) = the wonderful opportunity to give

4. How much did I give last year?

5. In view of No. 3 above, how much do I believe God is leading me to give this year ($) or to increase my giving (%) this year?

6. Who did I give to last year? Why did I give to those organizations?

7. To whom do I want to give this year?

8. What more do I need to know about an organization before I give or continue giving to them.

9. How do I divide my total giving for the year among the organizations I am going to give to this year?

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