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7 Powerful Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born…and the day you find out why.   

Mark Twain 

We’re just about six months into 2019. Where are you at with the plans you made and goals you set back in January?  

Summer’s slower pace makes it a great time to evaluate your progress or jump start the process to finding your purpose. This post, originally published in 2016, offers good questions to ask as you seek out His plans for you. 

Knowing why we exist and taking steps to live out our purpose makes all the difference in living well and for God’s glory. Consider the following 7 powerful questions from Amy Johnson ( to gain insight into your purpose. Share these questions over lunch or dinner with family or friends!

1. What were you passionate about as a child?
2. If you didn’t have a job how would you choose to fill those hours?
3. What makes you forget the world around you?
4. What issues do you hold close to your heart?
5. What kind of conversations do you have with your closest friends?
6. What is on your bucket list?
7. If you had a dream, could you make it happen?

Let’s use these next six months to live more fully into our God-given purpose. 

Julie Wilson

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Julie Wilson

For the past 25 years, Julie has been a visionary strategist and communication specialist. After graduating with a degree in journalism from Boston University, she landed the highly competitive job as an NBC Page in New York City, the same year she became a follower of Christ through the ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. She spent 13 years as a start-up team builder with Priority Associates, a ministry of CRU, and helped launch Revolve, a national tour and conference for teenage girls, which attracted over 38,000 attendees in its first season. In her role as President of Women Doing Well, she gets to engage her passion for women and leadership with her purpose “cultivating change.” Julie and her husband, Gary, live in Richmond, Virginia, with their daughter, Ella.

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