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What’s Your Money Blueprint?

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Author, speaker, and coach Patrice C. Washington has written several books for women about money. As we read in her previous post, money influencers are an important part of how we handle money. Choosing strong and sound advisors who have been where you are headed is a must for making good decisions.

Just as your current influencers are important, so is understanding your past influences about money.

One tool Patrice uses to advise others is called “Creating a Money Blueprint.” As explained in her best selling book Real Money Answers for Every Woman Patrice gives you a series of influences to consider about your beliefs on money. She writes, “The truth is, no one is born with a particular attitude toward money. You were taught, just like we all were, how to think about and handle money matters. These subconscious beliefs, ideals, thoughts, and actions are what create your financial blueprint.”

Take some time this week to consider your Money Blueprint using the following factors:

Verbal Influences

What did you hear about money, wealth, and rich people when you were growing up? Did anyone ever say things like: filthy rich, money can’t buy love, the poor will be close to God, money is the root of all evil, it takes money to make money, or you only need enough to get by?


What did you witness in regards to how your parents obtained, managed, and allocated money? Did they have any systems or budgets in place? Was money a source of joy or stress for your family? Did your parents argue about money often or sit down and plan together?

Specific Incidents

What experiences do you remember about money, wealth, and rich people? Were you embarrassed at a cash register when a credit card was declined? Did you experience eviction notices or interrupted utility services? Ever teased for not having the latest clothing or electronics?

Patrice then instructs us to record our thoughts, reflect over time, consider each of these categories, and complete the following exercise for each influence.


Reflect upon the things that were said, the ways of being you witnessed, and a specific incident you experienced in regards to money and wealth.

Please note that not everyone endures negative experiences. Some people undergo feelings of financial guilt for not having grown up in difficult financial circumstances. Write down how your life today may be identical to, or exactly opposite of, each of the things you remember.


Write down the effect these words, habits, and incidents from your youth have had on your financial life.


Separate whom you are today from what you witnessed as a child. That life was what your parents chose, and you have a choice in the present moment to be different. How will you choose to break this cycle in your family? What steps can you take to be a better example and influence for the young people around you?

Discover more tools and advice from Patrice C. Washington at RealMoneyAnswers.com.


A Prayer Covering

As you may know, money can create friction and unrest in your life. So, as you consider creating a money blueprint, sit with the Lord and ask for insight and protection in this process. As you dig deep, take the Holy Spirit along with you to keep God’s truth front and center, knowing His love for you is everlasting. If you experience pain or uncertainty in this time, present those emotions and thoughts to Jesus for His healing hand. You may also want to talk with a friend, mentor or counselor as our money challenges often reveal opportunities to grow.  May your heart and giving life be enriched and your time blessed by the Lord.

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Known online as the Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven, Patrice C. Washington is author of the personal finance series, Real Money Answers, as well as creator of The Mindset + Money Master Class. Patrice has long been passionate about financial education, but when the real estate market crashed in 2007, she learned what compassion meant. She and her family lost BIG and they lost everything. Today she uses that loss to encourage, empower and equip the masses with practical tools to seek the wisdom necessary to take action, accomplish their goals and find the wealth they desire in every area of life.

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