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July 28, 2016
Julie Wilson

Originally written in the 1930s in England by two anonymous women known only as The Two Listeners, God Calling is one of the bestselling devotionals ever written. Now updated using today’s language, the book’s timeless message is influencing a new generation of believers.

In Tuesday’s post, writer and God Calling editor Patti Velasquez gave you a glimpse of the impact this devotional had on one reader. Let these words from the December 5th entry speak to your heart today.

Law of Supply

The first law of giving is a spiritual law. Give to everyone you meet, or whose lives touch yours. Give of your prayers, your time, yourselves, your love, and your kind thoughts and words. You must practice this giving first.

Then, give of this world’s goods and money, as they are given to you. It is wrong to give money and material things without first making it a habit (daily, hourly, increasingly more and more) of giving on the higher plane.

Give, give, give all of your best to everyone who needs it.

Be great givers—great givers. Give in the same way I said My Father in heaven gives. “He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew 5:45b NKJV). Remember, as I have told you before, give according to need, never according to what someone deserves. In giving with the aim of supplying a real need, you must closely resemble that Father in heaven, the Great Giver.


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