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April 21, 2016
Julie Wilson

In his book, The Gift of Being Yourself, David Benner notes:

The discovery of our true self does not simply produce freedom. It also generates vocation. Vocation is the older, more theologically rooted word for what we sometimes today refer to as ‘calling.’ Both point us in the same direction—toward a purpose of being that is grounded in God rather than in our self. Our vocation, like our self, can be understood only in relation to the One Who Calls.

So how can we discover our purpose?

These five questions will point you in the right direction:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do effortlessly? (Hint: people often tell you how good you are at this, but to you it’s just natural.)
  3. Who do you serve joyfully?
  4. What do those people need or want from you?
  5. What change happens as a result?



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