Screen Shot 2016 01 14 at 1.55.13 PM1 To What Topic Does God Give 2,000 Verses? Money!

To What Topic Does God Give 2,000 Verses? Money!

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Did you know that there are more than 2,000 verses in Scripture that address the topic of money and giving? Compare that to around 300 verses on prayer and it’s easy to see God wants us to think about our money.

Tools that help you think about giving biblically

We are so thankful that more and more tools are being created to help us engage with God’s Word and ground our giving in His timeless principles. Here are a few we’d like to suggest

  • A few years ago, our partner in this space, Generous Giving, helped to create the NIV Stewardship Bible. Today, this amazing resource uses a variety of engaging features to lead individuals through a comprehensive study of what it means to be managers entrusted with the resources of God.

So, what is your favorite verse about money and giving? How does God’s Word encourage you to be more generous?

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