Multi-Day Event

The Celebration of Generosity is an experience that brings people from around the country together to consider what it means to be entrusted with wealth, experience the joy of generosity, and excel in the grace of giving. This event for both men and women is designed to help Christians view generosity from God’s perspective. You will hear biblical teaching and personal stories from givers who have experienced the joy of giving and impacting the Kingdom. During the weekend you will have an opportunity to gather with other Women Doing Well participants and interact with peers around your experience and concerns regarding your giving life. There will be no solicitation of any kind at this event. It is a safe, inspiring place for you to process what it means to be entrusted with much. If you already have an eagerness or capacity for generosity, you will leave this conference affirmed in your spiritual calling as a giver and excited to continue on your journey.

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs
April 26, 2017
The Broadmoar
Celebration of Generosity
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