Generosity That Outlives Tragedy

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” 2 Corinthians 9:11. Response to tragedy often brings out the best in humanity. The Apostle Paul spent many years raising funds from believers during his travels in order […]

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When God Directs Your Steps

 What comes next?  It’s a question I found myself asking several years ago.   At just the right time, God revealed that next step. I enrolled in The Masters Program for Women (TMP for Women) and began a three-year journey with a small group of women. The program trained us to look at our lives from […]

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8.16.17 blog post


We’re often our own worst critics: If only this aspect of my appearance were different…I wish I did this particular thing better….when will I get this part of my life right? But our loving, generous God doesn’t see us that way. He sees His beloved and chosen ones. And when we live in that freedom, […]

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For All Intents and Purposes

The Boston Globe recently reported the results of its investigation of a celebrity NFL quarterback’s charitable foundation, an article that raised questions about the organization’s use of funds. When we read articles like this we may have questions about how the organizations we give to use our donations. It’s easy to assume that an organization […]

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“Let’s do _____.”

Like all of us, Elaine Franklin is a busy woman with a full plate and busy schedule. There’s always something to do and some place to go. In the midst of her to-dos, God called her to invest in her friends and in return, they gave her a renewed glimpse of His love for her. […]

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Who Needs Your Generous Words?

Until recently, I only knew that in the early days of the church, he sold a field and gave the money away. After hearing a sermon from Dr. Jonathan Murphy, I realized Barnabas had a lot to teach me about generous living. A life marked by kindness Barnabas was originally named Joseph from Cyprus. Acts […]

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The Power of Living Out Your Purpose

In my book Wholehearted Purpose,  I explore the ways we are uniquely designed in our purpose from God. After years of working with women seeking to discover and live out their purpose, I have found that every single one of them truly wants her life to make a difference, to be on-purpose. Serving and giving […]

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How to Know God’s Clarifying Call

Knowing our purpose allows us to fully live— and give—as we were uniquely designed in our mother’s womb. The book Wholehearted Purpose: Women Discovering Their One-Of-A-Kind Design by Mary Tomlinson is full of women’s stories about their purpose journeys and how it has impacted their living and giving. Sharon Epps’s story is a perfect example of discovering purpose […]

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