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Budget for Giving: A Team Effort

You’ve very likely done all of the right and recommended things to prepare for the future: you’ve set aside retirement savings, you have life insurance and a will or estate plan. But how much do you know about the current reality of your finances? It’s common for one spouse or the other to manage the […]

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A Plan Has the Power to Bring Freedom

Think about how you feel after you finish a workout: Energized, ready to take on the next thing, strong. Exercise might not be your favorite thing to do, and it can be hard to fit it in to your busy schedule, but you’re always glad you made a plan and set aside the time. The […]

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For Father’s Day: What My Dad Did Right

We didn’t talk a lot about money growing up. Somehow, I learned two things: not to spend beyond my means and to have a healthy fear of credit cards. “Use only in emergencies and if you can pay it off each month,” was the message I absorbed from my Dad. My parents were also generous […]

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For All Intents and Purposes

The Boston Globe recently reported the results of its investigation of a celebrity NFL quarterback’s charitable foundation, an article that raised questions about the organization’s use of funds. When we read articles like this we may have questions about how the organizations we give to use our donations. It’s easy to assume that an organization […]

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Security, Surrender, and Stepping Out in Faith

April Tam Smith is everything you’d expect a young professional in New York City to be: educated, hardworking, and successful. She’s also living a life of generosity in a place that defines success by how much money you make. Today she shares about how God has guided her to this place. Tell us a little […]

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100 Percent Certain

Jesus addressed fear quite a few times in his ministry on earth. We understand why. Fear is probably the number one impediment to faithful following Christ. And part of that faithfulness is our giving. How does fear show up in our lives? One way is in a desire to have 100 percent certainty about our […]

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How to Influence Your Family’s Giving

You can influence the culture with the message of biblical generosity. And it can start in your own relationships. Here’s how I’ve seen that come to life. I recently facilitated a Journey of Generosity (JOG) in a city where there has been little Generous Giving activity. There were six couples in attendance. One of the attendees […]

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Whose Plan Is It?

In the doctor’s waiting room two people sat near me reading magazines. The middle-aged woman looked up and said, “Can you believe this presidential campaign?” The other person looked up, as did I. “No, I can’t,” he replied. Our conversation evolved into a discussion of the needs in our city. The woman shared about a […]

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