Harnessing the power of women’s generosity—Insights you can implement

Where there’s a movement, you’ll often find women moving it forward. That’s what happened in 1908 as Lyman Stewart and T.C. Horton began the work of founding Biola University in Los Angeles. At the same time, a group of women, including their wives, Lula and Anna, visited 6,000 homes to share the gospel and ask […]

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How are you?

How many times during a typical day are you asked that question? It’s one of the most common greetings, but how many of us give it much thought beyond a typical short reply of “fine”?    A few years ago, I started answering this question in a new way by happily responding, “I’m a woman doing […]

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How to Use Crowdfunding Sites Wisely to Help Hurricane Victims

Last week, Kim King outlined some practical ways to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This week she provides insight on how you can give wisely to the crowdfunding requests that benefit hurricane victims. You’ve see them in your Facebook feed or your email inbox: opportunities to join with others to give money directly to […]

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How You Can Give Wisely to Hurricane Harvey Victims

As I watched the local news coverage of the devastation in the Houston area and along the Texas Gulf Coast, I knew this was going to be a disaster like no other.   My home was safe; the water surrounding it drained off in a few days. Seeing the reports of people who’d lost everything to […]

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How Cancer, a Marathon, and Generosity Changed Me.

I’ve learned this truth firsthand during the last 12 months. There’s an eternal thread of generosity intricately woven throughout the last year as God allowed me to be the giver, the witness, and the recipient of generosity during one of the most challenging times of my life.  God’s plan is greater than mine  Last summer, […]

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Ellen Coleman

The Beautiful Reflection of a Generous Life

On a recent trip to Haiti, I traveled hours into the Pestel mountain region where human suffering from poverty-related issues is indescribable. I was there with my friend Miriam who has rescued dying children in Haiti for 30 years. Over the years, I’ve seen the effects of malnutrition, disease, and dirty water; however, nothing could […]

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Grace Poured Out

“If we have any other idol than Jesus, it will devour us. Only Jesus gives. Everything else takes.” Linda Chowdry knows this truth because she’s lived it. She followed hard after a lifestyle she thought would bring her freedom and joy. In fact, the only One who offered what she was looking for was pursuing […]

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Courageous Generosity

It was a dangerous time in the country of Germany. In the 1930s and 40s, the church, eager for greater popularity, was swayed by the new political regime. Marches merging church and state included people chanting: “The future belongs to us! We are the future!” Yet many young people wondered where they would find their […]

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