Directions in Women’s Giving identified six core areas that, when developed and cultivated, help us become a Woman Doing Well™.

1. Understands the importance of a biblically-based foundation for money and giving 

2. Knows her purpose so that it directs how she spends her time and financial resources

3. Aligns her purpose and passion for giving and supports it with a plan

4. Achieves a high level of confidence in her giving

5. Has access to relevant tools that fit her hand for the practices of generosity

6. Shares her joy of generosity with her friends, family, and community




Even though we have access to and are responsible for more, most of us don’t feel more joyful or free. Indeed, from the first research study of Christian women, we discovered that 3 out of 4 women wanted to be doing better. Women Doing Well™ was created to address that need. 


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