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For Father’s Day: What My Dad Did Right

We didn’t talk a lot about money growing up. Somehow, I learned two things: not to spend beyond my means and to have a healthy fear of credit cards. “Use only in emergencies and if you can pay it off each month,” was the message I absorbed from my Dad. My parents were also generous […]

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For All Intents and Purposes

The Boston Globe recently reported the results of its investigation of a celebrity NFL quarterback’s charitable foundation, an article that raised questions about the organization’s use of funds. When we read articles like this we may have questions about how the organizations we give to use our donations. It’s easy to assume that an organization […]

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Grace Poured Out

“If we have any other idol than Jesus, it will devour us. Only Jesus gives. Everything else takes.” Linda Chowdry knows this truth because she’s lived it. She followed hard after a lifestyle she thought would bring her freedom and joy. In fact, the only One who offered what she was looking for was pursuing […]

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