What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Today’s post comes to us from Elisa Morgan, founder of MOPS International and the author of over 25 books. We’re thrilled that Elisa is one of five inspiring keynote speakers joining us tomorrow at the annual Celebration of Giving, a three-day experience that brings people together from around the country to consider what it means […]

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100 Percent Certain

Jesus addressed fear quite a few times in his ministry on earth. We understand why. Fear is probably the number one impediment to faithful following Christ. And part of that faithfulness is our giving. How does fear show up in our lives? One way is in a desire to have 100 percent certainty about our […]

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Better Together

Have you ever been so deeply impacted by an experience that your heart would almost ache until you could share it with someone you loved? Perhaps it was a book, a sermon, a movie, or a new insight that profoundly stirred your soul. Your deepest desire was to find a way to adequately describe it […]

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How to Influence Your Family’s Giving

You can influence the culture with the message of biblical generosity. And it can start in your own relationships. Here’s how I’ve seen that come to life. I recently facilitated a Journey of Generosity (JOG) in a city where there has been little Generous Giving activity. There were six couples in attendance. One of the attendees […]

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Who Needs Your Generous Words?

Until recently, I only knew that in the early days of the church, he sold a field and gave the money away. After hearing a sermon from Dr. Jonathan Murphy, I realized Barnabas had a lot to teach me about generous living. A life marked by kindness Barnabas was originally named Joseph from Cyprus. Acts […]

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The Power of Living Out Your Purpose

In my book Wholehearted Purpose,  I explore the ways we are uniquely designed in our purpose from God. After years of working with women seeking to discover and live out their purpose, I have found that every single one of them truly wants her life to make a difference, to be on-purpose. Serving and giving […]

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Whose Plan Is It?

In the doctor’s waiting room two people sat near me reading magazines. The middle-aged woman looked up and said, “Can you believe this presidential campaign?” The other person looked up, as did I. “No, I can’t,” he replied. Our conversation evolved into a discussion of the needs in our city. The woman shared about a […]

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