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What a Con Man Taught Me About Generosity

Part of our family’s on-purpose giving plan includes setting aside cash for spontaneous giving. In fact, we keep a special envelope hidden in our glove compartment for Spirit-prompted generosity. One blustery day, I jumped in my car to accomplish the various tasks on my to-do list. “Lord, take the steering wheel of my day and use me to […]

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How to Know God’s Clarifying Call

Knowing our purpose allows us to fully live— and give—as we were uniquely designed in our mother’s womb. The book Wholehearted Purpose: Women Discovering Their One-Of-A-Kind Design by Mary Tomlinson is full of women’s stories about their purpose journeys and how it has impacted their living and giving. Sharon Epps’s story is a perfect example of discovering purpose […]

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Say YES and Watch God Work

Sometimes, saying a big “yes” to God is the result of saying a lot of small “yeses”—what Eugene Peterson calls “a long obedience in the same direction.” This has certainly been true in the life of Lisa Adams, who was introduced to the generosity message at Women Doing Well’s Inspiring Generous Joy event in Denver. Then she and her […]

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Why Your Children Need to be Generous Now

Did you know that children who serve just one hour or more a week are less likely to be involved in at-risk behaviors than those who are not active in volunteering[1]? When children volunteer, they develop new social skills.  They mature with a stronger sense of responsibility that will powerfully shape lifelong values and purpose. Best of all, the earlier […]

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Tell Your Family Story: It’s Better Because It’s Messy!

All good stories have a messy middle. Characters start off filled with hope but soon enough, tension arrives and it looks like everything is falling apart. Think of your favorite movie or book. Without a few ‘sit on the edge of your seat’ moments and characters’ knuckle-biting decisions, you won’t have a compelling story. A story where everyone gets along and everything […]

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How God Helped Me Write my TED Talk

#BeBoldForChange That’s the campaign theme and hashtag for this year’s International Women’s Day, celebrated this year tomorrow, on Wednesday, March 8. It’s also an apt description for the woman featured in today’s post: Julie Colombino. Julie founded REBUILD globally, a nonprofit organization that fights poverty in Haiti. In order to sustain the impact the organization was creating, she then incubated its for-profit partner deux […]

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What Happens When Women Say YES to God

We’re excited to welcome Kristi Tomlinson to the Women Doing Well blog. While she shares the same last name as the author of Tuesday’s post , they’re not related. They do, however, share a passion for listening to God’s voice and following where He leads. We hope Kristi’s story encourages you today. The smell of salt in the […]

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