Getting a “Helpers High” This Holiday Season

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? At our house, we have our annual favorites: Elf, Christmas Vacation. You get the picture—we like humor! But this year I’m adding an unconventional selection. I’m intentionally showing a few short films from I Like Giving. Here’s why: You know that great feeling you get when you witness a great […]

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Mary’s Generous God: An Invitation to Behold and Be Held

Before the very first Christmas was even an idea, a young woman named Mary busies herself with wedding plans. Who to invite? What to wear? What to serve? Then, suddenly, God bursts on the scene through the angel Gabriel, His messenger to Mary: “Good morning! You’re beautiful with God’s beauty, beautiful inside and out! God […]

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The Perfect Gift

I recently read these profound words by Paul Tripp: “It’s so easy to be an identity amnesiac. It’s so easy to forget who you are in Christ and what you have been given as God’s child. It’s so easy to shop horizontally for what we have already been given vertically.” During this season, it’s easy […]

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She Said Yes

One of my favorite classes in college was Art History. I still remember poring over Medieval pictures of the Annunciation, Mary wearing blue, sitting in an attitude of prayer, being visited by the angel Gabriel in white, both of them wreathed in golden halos. Medieval artists placed this stunning interview in a commonplace setting, attempting […]

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Always Faithful

It seems like hard things come in threes, doesn’t it? That’s what happened to me last spring. One of my children needed expensive jaw surgery. Another child was about to lose a college scholarship. And my mom was in the hospital with an unexpected and serious recurrence of cancer. Needless to say, I felt a […]

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When God Upends Your Giving Plan

Many things in life work best with a plan: A vacation. A college education. A move to a new house. We plan so that things get done. We also plan to ensure all goes smoothly.  We create a giving plan for the same reason. But just as in all of life, some giving can’t be […]

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Do Your Money Beliefs Reflect Your Values

In Tuesday’s post, Donna Schumell shared a family “money” tree exercise to help us identify where our money beliefs and behaviors come from. Today, she looks at how they affect our values. Do your money beliefs and behaviors reflect your values? This includes our earning, saving, spending, and giving patterns. It’s a question worth thinking […]

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Discovering Your Family Money Tree

Where do your money beliefs and behaviors come from? How have other members of your family influenced your attitudes about earning, saving, investing, giving, and spending? Year-end provides a great time to evaluate where you have been and where you may be going. Like most women I know, I have worn many hats. I am […]

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