It’s About Time

What do Mark Zuckerberg, a Brazilian slum child, and you have in common? Time. Twenty-four hours per day. There’s one thing we all have in common Billionaires can’t buy more time, movie stars can’t trade their fame for it, a fancy education or family background doesn’t change the equation. We all have 24 hours, no […]

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The Healing Power of Generosity

Generosity brings with it many gifts: joy, purpose, passion, freedom. There’s another, one you might not immediately think of: healing. That’s the belief and experience of Cindy Halsted. She’s a wife, mother, ministry leader, and connector who God has placed in the unique position of reaching people who have influence and success. “More than anything, […]

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Generous Gestures for Generous Living

He couldn’t get out of the building fast enough.  After a quick visit to the school, my almost-kindergartner had had enough. His excitement mixed with fear stirred up anxiety for me. And like a guardian angel, my friend and her second grader appeared and asked if her big kids could walk my son to his […]

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What’s Your Money Blueprint?

Author, speaker, and coach Patrice C. Washington has written several books for women about money. As we read in her previous post, money influencers are an important part of how we handle money. Choosing strong and sound advisors who have been where you are headed is a must for making good decisions. Just as your […]

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Who Gives You Money Advice

Today’s post originally appeared on Patrice C. Washington’s Real Money Answers blog. Your success, in any area of life, is strongly determined by the people you surround yourself with. Not only do you require the support and encouragement of others to make meaningful progress, you will often find yourself leaning on them for advice as […]

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