Solitude and your Spiritual Life

Solitude and Your Spiritual Life

Listening to God is an essential aspect to the art of living a generous life. With so much to distract and distort our thinking it can be helpful to get alone with God for reflection and solitude. This week, guest blogger Cherie Harder offers some helpful insights into the art of being alone with God. […]

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Intentional Giving: Why Strategic Philanthropy Makes a Difference

As a former program officer for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Heather Tuininga knows the importance of giving strategically.  In her work today as Principal at 10|10 Strategies, she helps givers get more joy and impact out of their giving.  Heather relishes helping people strategically align their giving to achieve outcomes that will make […]

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What’s Your Giving Style

A few years ago I heard an earnest, well-intentioned speaker present a message on the topic of the biblical model of giving. It was the story of the widow’s mite and, as you might guess, the conclusion was we should be willing to give everything we have. For nearly my entire life, I’ve heard this […]

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How God Aligned My Purpose, Passion and Plan

Six years ago, God changed the course of our family. And it happened in what appeared to be a most ordinary way: we had lunch with newly resettled refugees from Nepal. In the space of one afternoon, we encountered the world of the refugee, one we’d never even considered. My husband Doug was drawn in; […]

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Prepare Like An Olympian

The opening ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympics will take place tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro. Think of all the planning and preparation that happens for an event that takes place only once every four years! Now imagine how many hours of training and the level of dedication and preparation that must take place for […]

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Getting Kids Involved in Family Giving

For Angela Moore and her husband, Todd, giving is a family affair. And it has been from the very beginning. Angela and Todd met in medical school. Since they came from quite different backgrounds—Todd from a Christian home, Angela from a performance-based household—their pastor recommended they take a Crown Financial Ministries class together as their […]

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