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Remember the Ladies

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this week, I want to, in former First Lady Abigail Adams’ words, “remember the ladies” and shine a light on one woman who courageously pursued freedom. With great personal sacrifice, she made an impact on the freedom we experience today. Passion fueled by pain Born into slavery just a […]

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Our Summer Reading List

Looking for a few good books to expand your thinking and knowledge? We have a few suggestions for your summer reading list! We’ve compiled our top “don’t miss” 11 books. Some are old classics, some are new finds, and all are sure to spark new ideas of living a life of purpose and passion. A […]

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Living and Giving on Purpose as a Couple

Marcia and Dave Lanoha may look like a typical Midwestern couple, but they are anything but typical. As thoughtful and strategic givers, no one was more surprised than Marcia to discover a passion for the people of Africa. Their unique partnership (Dave makes the money and Marcia gives it away) allows them to share what […]

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The Giving Journey with David and Marcia Lanoha

We recently talked with Dave and Marcia Lanoha about the joys and challenges of intentional generosity.  WDW: How has giving changed for your family over the years? Marcia: It has changed a lot! We moved from giving out of compulsion to experiencing the joys and challenges of being an overseer. It is a heavy responsibility. […]

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Build Your Plan for Generosity

When you take a road trip, you plug the destination into your GPS. When you build a house, you use a blueprint. Should your giving be any different? We’ve created this Building My Plan tool to help you build your generosity plan and guide your giving with purpose. Click below! Building My Plan

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A Plan for Purposeful Giving

I have 16 square feet of garden in my front yard. It comes with romantic ideas of my barefoot children crunching organic carrots, devouring sugar-dripping strawberries, and begging for more fresh broccoli just snipped from our garden. Just the thought of it makes me feel closer to Wendell Berry, making my suburban existence more palatable. […]

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6.9.16 blog post

Invest One Day for a Lifetime of Impact

What does a conversation with your peers about the topic of generosity look like? A Journey of Generosity is an overnight retreat focused on the joy of living generously. It includes stories of generous givers, interactive discussions, reflection opportunities, and Bible study that enables participants to process the biblical message of generosity. It’s story-driven and […]

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Experience the Journey Together

There’s nothing like time away with friends to refresh your spirit. What if you could use your time together to talk about what it means to be generous? A Journey of Generosity (JOG) is a 24-hour retreat gathering guided by a trained facilitator and hosted by someone who wants to encourage a conversation about generosity among […]

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