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From Darkness to Light: Living Out My Purpose

For many years I lived in darkness, not believing God could use my life to draw others to Him. But He created us to live in the light of His purpose for us. His Word speaks purpose for each of us. A relationship with Him guides us into living out our purpose with meaning. Now […]

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Your Giving Plan: What Zone Are You In?

My journey from saver to servant around my money has not been an easy one. It all started when my friend Greg and I were MBA students at Harvard and decided to take a seminary class to further explore the role of money in our lives. It was the first day of the God and […]

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From Saver to Servant

It was another $100 day. A soreness-causing, sweat-inducing, five-lawn marathon of mowing resulted in a neat stack of bills whose worth reached into the triple digits. As a 13-year-old, this was a mountain of money, and I proudly stuffed it into my sock drawer. I would neatly take $10 or $12 off the top of […]

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Into the Neighborhood

Tom and Bree Hsieh may seem like the average American couple, but their lives are anything but typical. Having accumulated significant wealth in the technology era, they chose a different path that has led to more joy and freedom for their family. Bree shares how her passion for the inner city went beyond giving just […]

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A Beautiful Purpose

Last fall, I was a guest at a Women Doing Well Inspiring Generous Joy event in Indianapolis. I wish I could bottle up the collective beauty of that room full of women who were “clothed in strength and dignity” and who could “laugh at the days to come.” I met numerous wonderful women – each […]

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What to do When You Feel Off Purpose

You would think that once we identify our personal purpose, life would be easy. After all, we’ve identified why we are here and simply live our purpose every day, creating the perfect idyllic life—right?  Not so fast. The truth is that none of us lives on-purpose 100 per cent of the time. Real wisdom comes […]

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Finding and Keeping Your Purpose

God often works in ways we don’t expect. Terri Ponce de Leon’s story is proof. He gave her a vision and called her out from behind a desk and into the lives of women who longed to know their purpose. Along the way, Terri found her purpose too (above right). Here’s her story.   Several years […]

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A Tool for Engaging with Purpose and Joy

Karen Lorenz can’t help but talk about her joy for giving and how the Lord has been inviting her into significant moments of generosity over the past year. With a heart stirred for evangelism and restoration, she’s learning what it looks like to live a generous life and why her Giving Fund with National Christian […]

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