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Out of the Shadows and into the Light

I used to live in the shadows. I wanted so desperately to please God and everyone around me that I eventually disappeared. Where did this desire to please everyone come from? I often asked myself. Why do I care so much about what everyone thinks of me? Why am I afraid to be me? Why […]

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5 Questions to Find Your Purpose

In his book, The Gift of Being Yourself, David Benner notes: The discovery of our true self does not simply produce freedom. It also generates vocation. Vocation is the older, more theologically rooted word for what we sometimes today refer to as ‘calling.’ Both point us in the same direction—toward a purpose of being that […]

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What God Says About Your Purpose

One of the findings the Women Doing Well research study revealed was that women desire to know their purpose. But, you might ask, “How can we scripturally know we have a purpose?” As one who is passionate about God and passionate about purpose, I love discovering what God’s Word says about His plan for us. […]

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9 Questions To Help You Start a Giving Plan

In Tuesday’s post, we explored how to set priorities and stick to them. One of my priorities for this year is achieving my giving goals. To do that, I’ve created a Giving Plan. You can get started on your own plan by answering the questions below. You’ll need prayer to guide you and commitment to […]

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How a Jar of Golf Balls Helps Me Prioritize

On a shelf in my study sits a large jar of golf balls. While it’s not exactly magazine-worthy décor, those golf balls represent the most important things in my life. I put them in the jar years ago as a reminder to set my priorities and work on them first. And every year I decide […]

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What if God Calls Me to Give It All Away?

Sometimes, God begins a work in us at what seems like the worst possible time. As a financial advisor with over 20 years of experience managing money, I considered myself a financial expert. All of that changed when a friend invited me to attend a Journey of Generosity retreat where we would explore living and […]

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Choosing Faith Over Fear

What are you afraid of? If you’re like me, that’s probably a pretty easy list to make. Whether it’s the stock market roller coaster ride, worries about health, the well-being of my children, or simply the possibility of failing at my next assignment, fear often lurks just one thought away. Have you even been afraid […]

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