Living at the Top of the Generosity Ladder

Let me tell you about my good friend Scottie. I deeply admire his example of what it means to be a Christ-follower who lived a generous life by serving others. I would tell him how much I appreciated how he’s always found new ways to live life at the top of the “generosity ladder.” (I […]

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The Secret to Living and Giving Generously

Recently I spoke at a church about the fullness of God’s generosity as a gift to us. After the service, my wife and I were invited to share lunch with the pastor and his family.  Also attending the lunch was Strong, the pastor’s six-year-old grandson. During our meal, Strong enthusiastically announced that he wanted us […]

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Easter Women Live Generously

“Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common. And with great power the apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great […]

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Easter Women

You may have heard the saying that comes around this time of year: “We are an Easter people.” I love the image it inspires in me—a people living by faith and believing in the power of God to transform even death into life. But so much of the Easter story I heard growing up focused […]

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Growing in Confidence: A Tool to Simplify Your Decision Making

Many times people ask me how to get on the same page with a family member or spouse when It comes to charitable giving. Or, you may struggle with having the freedom to give when the need arises. If this is the case, you should consider your guiding principles for giving. After several decades of […]

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Generosity Can Change the World

Being invited to write a blog for someone’s website is kind of like being invited to a sleepover at your girlfriend’s house. You get to visit with all her buddies and enjoy the warmth of her home for a short time. I’m excited to be here with you to share my story. And since we […]

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Faith or Fear? That is the Question

I’m a go-getter by nature, but I’m finding that God loves me enough to help me remember my true source. Before meeting Christ, I actually thought of myself as fearless, but if I’m honest, it was just denial and self-effort covering up my fears. Over the years, I’ve seen this theme: I’m afraid to trust […]

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How I Found Freedom from Fear

“The Child continued to grow and become strong; increasing in wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him” Luke 2:40. It’s pretty amazing that it took me 63 years to overcome fear. But as it says in 2 Peter, “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are […]

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