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Seeing Poverty Through a New Lens

Laurie Rachford is one sharp cookie. As a career corporate attorney, she deals in high risk, high finance, and with highly educated people. Laurie knows she is hardwired for work and it has shaped her personal values. Biblically, she is encouraged by God’s command to work hard for six days and rest on the seventh […]

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Foolish for Christ

At Women Doing Well some of our best stories have been about women who have stepped out in faith to live their purpose on behalf of others—and they have looked like fools in the eyes of friends and even family. If you fully live your purpose for Christ there is good chance that you too […]

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Knowing God’s Will

Other than “Why do I exist?” the most asked question I hear as a coach is “How do I know God’s call for my life?” Knowing God’s call can feel complex if we over complicate what we are searching for. Moving Forward in Confidence I heard a sermon recently about how to know what God […]

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Attitude of Gratitude

It’s more important than you might think New studies show the impact of gratitude. A thankful attitude not only blesses those around us, but it is also actually good for our own personal well-being. Daily gratitude practices improves health, alertness and determination, alleviates depression and stress and guides better decision-making. Gratitude triggers physiological changes in […]

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What Is Surrender? According to Job

I wrestled through the night with God as He showed me something I needed to give. I argued that this wasn’t what I wanted. As I struggled, the words of Job kept ringing in my ear, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away….” Quite honestly, this is not one of my favorite Scripture passages. […]

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Should Your Giving Be a Secret?

  When we share our stories we are sharing the very gospel. Scripture says, “For God so loved He gave.” God is a giver and He calls us to a life of giving. Many women have shared concerns that we shouldn’t talk openly about our giving stories. In this post we share an article from […]

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Why Your Story Matters

I graduated from college in Boston with a degree in journalism and a rather grandiose idea that I might be able to change the world through media. Pursing my dream job, I packed up my Honda Civic with my life’s belongings and made the drive to New York City. Along the way, I had two […]

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What Keeps You From Being “All In”?

When you think about who lives with passion, you think of people who live life “all in.” They have a zest for life and are focused on making impact. When generosity and passion combine, it’s a real game-changer. On the way to living with passion, there are two basic mindsets that either free us to […]

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