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7 Ways to Be Radically Generous

Generosity is always a risk. There’s always something else you could do with your money, always a worst case scenario you could plan for. But for those of you willing to take the risk, step into the unknown with God, and love more, here are seven ways to be radically generous. 1.  Show hospitality to […]

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Be Thou My Vision: First in My Heart?

I love the rich theology in the old hymns. One of my favorites is “Be Thou My Vision.” Recently, I was struck by the third stanza. How often I sing these beautiful, rich, songs and neglect to really apply the truths. Riches I heed not, not man’s empty praise, Thou my inheritance, now and always: […]

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Growing in Giving Confidence

One of the greatest giving challenges for women is having confidence that we are giving where and how we are suppose to give. Today we share a few tips for building your confidence as a giver: 1. Know your unique purpose and passion, and put a plan in place so you can take the next […]

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Did you know we still have two more cities to visit this fall? Please pray for the local teams in the following cities as they prepare and plan to ignite their communities to experience the grace and generosity of God. Kansas City—October 29th Indianapolis—November 5th There is still room to attend if you know friends […]

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We Hear You

In the research we conducted in 2012 women told us, loudly and clearly, they wanted resources—and tools that fit the hand of a woman.  Since that time, it has been a big part of our work to create and distribute those resources and tools.  Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new […]

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If I Offer All I Have, Will I Have Enough for Me?

The story of 5,000 people fed from one lunch must be pretty important; it is repeated four times in the Bible. While the story is typically shared from the adults’ perspective, I read it this week from the eyes of the giver, the little boy. I wondered what he experienced and if I would be […]

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