“I felt equipped to discover God’s will for sharing the gifts He has entrusted to me.”

A guest post from Linda Chowdry, a two-time Inspiring Generous Joy attendee. I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend two Women Doing Well events, and I came away from both days filled with the prospect of giving joyfully. Having been given the tools to learn my purpose, discover my passion, and develop my plan, […]

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“What is it I need to give away, Lord?”

A guest post from Lori Frampton, past Denver Inspiring Generous Joy guest and current City Leader for Denver’s second event in September. I attended the Women Doing Well conference last year. One of the takeaways I came home with was the incredible joy displayed on the faces of women who generously gave. Now, giving is not […]

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Why Am I Here?

How often do we define our identity by what we do for a living, who we married, what children (or grandchildren) we may have, or what church we attend? As a type-A personality and former executive at a Fortune 500 company, my identity has often been defined by my work. When I left corporate America […]

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Is Generosity Better Caught Than Taught?

A while back, I was challenged by my mentor to ask my kids, “Where do you see Jesus most clearly in your mom and me?” That scared me. Yet I took a big gulp and did it. Their responses were as follows: My youngest daughter laughed nervously and didn’t answer – that made me feel […]

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Getting a Plan Started: Talking to Your Advisor

In his book Spiritual Thoughts on Material Things, E.G. “Jay” Link reminds us that when making a plan and a budget for giving, it is important that your advisors are asking the right questions. If you are a follower of Jesus, then it is important to know at least some of your advisors are coming […]

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