Knowing What You Have

One of the attributes of a woman giving well is that she knows she is giving to her maximum capacity. But how can you know this? Our friend Candice Blomeley has a great website,, to help people spend wisely and give generously. The first step to giving to your maximum capacity is knowing what you […]

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What is a Migniter? A Male Igniter, Of Course. Meet Todd Harper.

From time to time we will highlight thoughts from a migniter—a male “igniter” who is excited about women hearing the message of generosity and who encourages them to get in the giving game.  Our post this week comes from one of the original—and one of our favorite—“migniters,” Todd Harper, who serves as President of Generous […]

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What to do with the Pain?

At Women Doing Well, this is how we define passion: Something I believe in so strongly that I am willing to sacrifice for it. Passion is that heartbeat song that causes my heart to break from the pain others are suffering. And it causes my heart to soar like an eagle when obstacles are overcome […]

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Gathering Leaders in Atlanta

Hello Charlotte, Denver, Kansas City, South Florida, Austin and Indianapolis! These City Leaders, Prayer Leaders and Igniters are so eager to see God work in your city! We recently spent a day together talking about this year’s experiences, gathering feedback for new presentations, sharing best practices and praying together.  

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